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Meagre increase in India's space budget

New Delhi, March 16 - India's space budget saw a minuscule increase of over one percent this year compared to the last year with a decrease in allocations in the country's manned mission initiative, satellite technology and space sciences.

The government allocated Rs.6,715 crore this year to the Department of Space compared to Rs.6,626 crore in 2011.

Last year, there was an increase of over 47 percent in the budget compared to 2010.

The budgetary allocation for the country's manned mission initiative and human space flight programme was reduced to Rs.60 crore this year from Rs.98 crore in 2011.

The budget for satellite technology saw a dip of 16 percent to Rs.1197 crore while space applications recorded a downfall of 10 percent to Rs.758 crore.

The government has allocated Rs.125 crore for the Mars Orbiter Mission.


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