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Lakshyam Movie Review

Average Entertainer

Directror: Srivass

Producer: N Srinivas (Bujji)

Music: Mani Sarma

Release Date: 05.07.2007

Banner: Sri Lakshminarasimha Productions

The film is titled Lakshyam but neither the hero nor the audience have any clue about what the Lakshyam is even after two hours into the film. Is it Jagapathi Babu's or Gopichand's or is it common for both?

The film starts with a flashback that lasts for over two hours. ACP Bose is a sincere police officer happily married and lives with his parents and younger brother Chandu (Gopichand). Chandu is a college student and he falls in love with his classmate Anushka. Enter the villain. He is section Shankar who is notorious for settlements and land deals. He kills anyone who comes in his way and does not leave any evidence or witness behind. He takes a loan of 100 crores from a private bank with the help of a conniving DGP and a politician. He kills the bank’s chairman in order to avoid repayment and puts the blame on Bose.

What happens to Bose and how the hero is dragged into the murky world of the gangster is the suspense that unfolds on the screen.


Jagapathi Babu as ACP Bose does a good job.

Gopichand as the angry young man is at his usual best. He bashes up the goons at will in his usual style.

Anushka stands tall in the film (both literally and figuratively). She raises the pulse of the audience with her oomph and glamour. She looks ravishing in the songs. With this film Anushka proves that she is in contention for the top spot in the industry.

Kota, Brahmanadam, Ragu Babu and others are okay. Yashpal Sahrma as settelement Shankar does not live up to the hype and expectations.

The music is good. The songs have being picturised well and both Gopichand and Anushka dance in tune with the music.

The comedy is just average.

The songs are good and the remix song ‘Niluvave Vaalukanuladaana…’ is set to some foot tapping music so is the song ‘Sukku Sukku… Sukumari…’

There are a few glaring lapses. The hero is shown jumping from a blazing bus in the heart of the city straight into the Hussain Sagar.

The hero reaches a spot about 180 kms away from the city from the police station in 10 minutes flat!

The hero is supposed to be good-natured. But why does he drive away Brahmandam who is the rightful owner of the college canteen and put Venu Madhav in his place?

The character of Brahmanandam disappears suddenly midway through the movie.

The college atmosphere is also not at all convincing.

Inspite of this being his first film as a director, Srivass shows good promise and has the potential to deliver good filmsin future.

The film at best can be called an average entertainer.  




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