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'Blue Films' with College Girls

College life is without doubt the best part of any individual's life. While guys find things like bikes, friends, beer and beautiful girls the most exciting things, the girls find fashion, friends, films and of course gossips to be their best bet. But what brings boys and girls together is the element of friendship and what makes their affinity intense is the idea of romance and love. It is that age of hormonal outburst when there are fireworks happening on the thought of falling in love and holding hands of the beloved. To add to the impulse, the new age cinema and the hunky dory portrayal of romance in a very colorful and picturesque locale makes the teens believe that life is what appears on the screen and reality goes down the drain. In between all this, there are those sick and perverted boys who in the urge to feel the pleasures of flesh tend to use the name of love and begin to hunt for those innocent and rather confused girls who are not exposed to such feelings of intimacy. They tend to become the innocent prey to the flowery talk and aggressive approach of these boys. This does not go to say that all boys have only one thing in mind but then it is essential for girls to draw a line in their relationships especially when it comes to boys. Some say that it is the body language and the words from girls that trigger the boys to get into something lewd and sometimes it is indeed those set of boys who come with a motive on mind. The relationship with a boy is always a memorable journey for any girl but then there are certain norms and clauses that need to be adhered to which can form the foundation for an everlasting friendship or sometimes a lifetime companionship. Off late, the incidents that are coming to light show how technology is being misused by few vested interests and innocent college girls are becoming victims of such sleazy acts. The internet shows hundreds of videos where girls are caught indulging in acts candidly on cams and internet parlors. Some guys are going to the extent of making nude videos and blue films with girls after inebriating them. A TV channel has aired special program just a week ago on this. It is about time the girls wake up to few realities and maintain their own fences instead of getting carried away by watching movies or hearsays. It is not rocket science to have a very relishing friendship with boys but then girls need to use their intellect and instinct to understand who the right kind of guy is to hang around with, girls be careful.

Tags:Blue, Films, with, College, Girls, Political, Entertainment, Telugu, English

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