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What Is The Carnage For?

What Is The Carnage For?
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

One more instance of carnage in Mumbai with bomb blasts killing and injuring unsuspecting citizens. The injured and the dead had nothing to do with the bombers, had nothing to do with any cause or constraints that prompted the bombing. They were simply there at the wrong time and paid for with their life. As the persons who place the bombs have no intentions of respecting the humanity of the city, they probably are also not sure of the cause for killing and carnage. The latest incident may not be the last one to happen in the city or in the country it certainly is one more incident that doesn't respect the human space and humanity.

The killers do not recognize the caste, religion, age or any other aspect of the humans they target but they simply want to cause maximum casualties. They don't even know who they are killing or injuring, and may not even know the tragedy they cause to each individual that is targeted. These bombings represent a sad and unnecessary human tragedy for the people who are hurt and killed, without even knowing why they are being targeted.

Mumbai is back to its bustling and busy self a day after the bombings, and the police and politicians looking for answers, and making speculative guesses on how it happened and who did the damage and how to go about establishing the motive and process that lead to the current set of bombings. It is very likely they will learn the root and cause of the bombings and might even go after the culprits. Typically this is a long process until the culprits are brazen and are willing to be exposed to the system. Whatever may be the case the people who caused the human misery will be taken to court and eventually to task in many years to come, if they ever get caught. The system has its own course of actions to take before they serve justice.

While saluting the city of its resilience, we should also salute the human nature of Indians. They suffer unnecessary carnage, and put their lives together quickly. No matter what the cause or purpose the damage done to the city's psychology is pushed to the back side of the brain, and people move on with their routines and life. The ones whose families have casualties suffer a longer time with the loss of loved ones or injuries, but they too will look forward to the days after the misfortune of being in the wrong place.

The city will survive the latest incidents and move on with its life. The people will heal and will focus again on day to day life. Police will try to find the cause of the damage and who caused it, and politicians will make statements that might be politically correct. All said and done the city will move on and the country will move on. There will never be a meaningful explanation on why the carnage is for, and has it achieved any meaningful purpose? God must like to place a bit of carnage in human life, so we realize the value of life in general. Here is to Mumbai and its people and their resilience. God bless them.

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