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JJ's Mini Review: DARUVU

Date Updated: 5/24/2012 12:42:32 PM   Email: Andhravilas.com    


Daruvu : Sound of Mass

Cast: Ravi Teja, Tapasee Pannu, Bramanandam, Prabhu, Sayaji Shinde, Raghu Babu, Avinash, Sushant Singh, Sana, M.S.Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Vennela Kishore.
Genre: Action |Romance|Comedy
Director: J. Siva Kumar
Producer: Burugupalli Shiva Rama Krishna
Music Director: Vijay Antony
Censor Certificate: U/A

With Raviteja’s recent flicks ending up as debacle at box-office, let’s see whether Daruvu brings much needed hit for Mass Maharaja. Tapsee is the heroine. Siva is the director and writer. This socio-fanatasy flick is produced by Burugupalli Siva Rama Krishna under Sri Venkateswara Entertainments banner. Vijay Anthony has scored the music for this movie. Ramesh Gopi and Anil Ravipudi penned the dialogues and Gautham Raju handled the editing department. Let us see how this flick fares..

Story and Analysis:

Bullet Raja (Raviteja) is a ‘no-gooder' goonda, who'll do anything for money. An orphan, Raja's only friend Khaja (Vennela Kishore) gives him company in carrying on the buffoonery. One of the evenings while running away from the chasing cops, Raja and Khaja barge into a venue where an engagement ceremony is taking place. Raja spots Swetha in the corniest fashion. Picture this: A bokeh background, bright blue, focus the earrings, move over to the face, voila! It's Taapsee and like all other ‘love at first sights', the actress' chirpy laughs and smiles woo his ever-ready heart. But the fiancé is none other than Harbour Babu (Sushant Singh), a powerful and angry local goon. Our hero Ravi in a vulgar display of regressive manhood declares that he loves her (he barely saw her for five minutes) and throws a kerchief on her (Yes! Just like how you grab a seat in a bus). Taapsee does nothing but pop her eyes out in shock, this feature comes out quite a lot in the rest of the film. What ensues is a run-of-the-mill romance blended into a comedy track, where we witness a dancing Vidya Balan, oops, we mean Brahmanandam. In another vulgar attempt at reinstating and pumping the chest of the Telugu abbayi, the girls falls for him the minute he rescues her from goon in a pub. A few songs later and a few ridiculous chases later, Raja meets an ill-fate at the hands of Harbour Babu. Back in Yamaloka, Bullet Raja realises he was killed before his time was up and wreaks havoc upon Yama and Chitragupta. They agree to send him back to Earth as home minister Ravindra, a corrupt man who gets killed by his partners when he decides to out them. Bullet Raja as Ravindra sets out to do well for the people and win his mother back

Story in detail:

1st Half:

-->Movie starts with visual of Senior NTR, Chiranjeevi and Junior NTR. This brings delight to respective fans.
-->In the first 40 minutes, there is nothing special, only saving part is Raviteja mark comedy and 2 songs.
-->Story proceeds in lines of hit films ‘Yamagola’ and ‘Yamadonga’, making it too predictable and nothing novel to offer.
-->Annoyed with Yama, Chitraguptha ends life of Raviteja, despite not completing his expected lifetime.
-->Movie progresses with some good comedy in parts & interesting scenes in an outstanding set of Yamalokam.
-->As Raviteja’s body is burnt, Yama tries to place him among one of the seven men around the globe, who are similar in looks to him.
-->Raviteja disagrees to go to earth in the body of one china person who is similar to him, but a terrorist.
-->5 more persons are rejected, for different reasons. These scenes are too predictable.
-->Finally Raviteja accepts to go into body of one more guy similar to him, who will be dying in some days and is also a home minister. This guy is basically a baddie, but is about to transform as good person.
-->Jayasuda is the mother of home minster. She did her usual acting in mother role.
-->A small incident changes him as good person and he decides to distribute money to people. But his partners kill him. Hero -Raviteja’s soul goes into his body.
-->Raviteja honors Sr. NTR name.
-->A scene leads to Interval

2nd half:

-->Raviteja, who is now into home minister’s body, does good service to people.
-->Brahmanandham makes an entry as Vidyabalan! With his signature expressions, Brahmi broughts much needed laughs.
-->Amusingly, name of Brahmi assistant is Nitya Menon!
-->Heroine Tapsee’s brother-in-law tries to marry her. As expected, Raviteja tries to prevent it.
-->Story proceeds with one more song and a fight.
-->Home minister Raviteja captures politicians’ money and does social service.
-->Hero tries to eradicate corruption. If anyone tries to take bribe, he asks to take video and MMS it!
-->After many scenes, Tapsee makes a comeback for a song.
-->Yesteryear Sobhan babu’s photo is put in home minister Raviteja’s house. Probably to show him as Jayasudha’s husband.
-->Predictably, it’s time for home minister Raviteja to die.
-->All villains, except Tapsee’s brother-in-law, turn in favor of hero, taking advantage of climatic liberties. This is to showcase him as main villain.
-->Hero will be shot!
-->Everyone prays God for Raviteja’s life. Cinematically, a small kid too wishes so.
-->As, even a just born kid wishes Hero to be alive, Yama doesn’t take Hero’s life!!!
-->Movie ends, as Raviteja remains alive!


Okkokkadiki pu pu pu pu pu pucchelu pagilipothayi

Nenu soft ga unte Vidya Balan ... Kopam vasthe Roudra Balan

Kummu Bullet Raja kummu okkokkadiki pagilipovali

Performances & Technical aspects:

Ravi Teja carried the movie on his shoulders and his energy levels are incredible. On the flip side, he should stop making silly comedy in some scenes, though the scene demands some serious action. Ofcourse, there are no doubts about his acting abilities with many variations.

Tapsee has nothing much to do in Daruvu as she is confined to couple of scenes and songs.

Brahmanandam, with his mannerisms and funny dances moments as dance master Vidya Balan is refreshing. Satyanarayana and Prabhu are apt. MS Narayana brought some laughs.

Jayasudha has once again delivered a brilliant performance as a dotted mother and she is one of the assets of Daruvu.

Music is ok but the picturisation of songs and their placements somehow do not do a good turn to the pace of storytelling. Production values are just average. Cinematography is just average. Direction is just good in interval block and climax, in other parts, it is below average. Dialogues are typical Raviteja routine style.


First half has not much content to offer, except for some predictable story, in lines of films Yamagola and Yamadonga, Raviteja mark comedy and Tapsee’s glamour in songs.Second half has more scenes with Raviteja doing social service. Too many cinematic liberties are taken, with not much gripping and predictable story. With this formula flicks already became hits and well-known to all, Daruvu has mediocre chance to become a hit, as it has nothing novel to offer! . If you're bored on a weekend, spare change and hit the local theatres. Passable fare with an average storyline; but hey, at least there is a story.

With a blockbuster flick GabbarSingh already running in theatres and many big films lined up in coming days, chances for Daruvu to make its strong mark are very low. In B, C centres, this flick might click a bit, but that too for some days only.

Rating: 2.25/5 - Below Average



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