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STARRING : Nagarjuna, Trisha, Sri Hari, Brahmanandam, Mamatha Mohandas and others

MUSIC :  Devi Sree
DIRECTOR : Srinu Vytla

RELEASE DATE : 25th December

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            Director Srinu Vytla gave three successive hits and as such the expectations on the new film King soared a lot. The film King has an impressive star cast and this gave a further boost to the expectations of everyone. But has the director managed to live up to the expectations? Let’s take a look

  Story: King (Nagarjuna) is the eldest son of a royal family from Coimbatore. Kings’s father (late Sobhan Babu) and his mother Geetha are his giuing force. King’s scheming uncles Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde and Krishna bhagawan are good for nothing fellows but King tolerates them as he loves his aunts very much.

Kinh has a younger brother and King loves him immensely and doea evceerything to please his younger brother. When King goes to Uttaranchal to deal with a business problem, he is shot dead.

 The scene now shifts to Hyderabad where Gnaneswhwar (Sri Hari) is a local don. He faces competition from another new don Bottu Seenu (Nagarjuna). Bottu Seenu falls in love with Sravani (Trisha). But Sravani loves another guy Sharat (Nagarjuna) a software engineer.

 Whi is Sharat, who is Bottu Seenu and is King really dead? Answers to all these doubts and many more can be found on the silver screen.


 Nagarjuna gets a chance to play a character that requires him to play three distinctly different personalities – King, Bottu Seenu and Sharat a software engineer. Nagarjuna does full justice to all the three characters. 

 Trisha plays the role of the younger sister of Sri Hari. She looks as ravishing as ever and she gives a good performance. Sri Hari gets to play a role similar to one he played in Dhee. Sri Hari’s act of trying to become a famous painter like MF Hussain brings in some laughs. Brahmanadam plays the role of a music director who is famous for lifting the tunes of others. He manages to raise some laughs. Mamatha Mohandas’ role is brief but crucial and she does full justice to the role that has negative shades.

 The rest of the star cast – Geetha, Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagawan, Mamatha Mohandas, Sudha and others are okay in their roels.

The group song of Nagarjuna with Trisha, Mamatha Mohandas, Charmy, Anushka, Sneha Ullal, Genelia, Priyamani and Kamna Jethmalani is good and the audience enjoy it immensely.

 The film is very lengthy, almost three hours. The director has tried to inject too many sub plots and this leads to some confusion. The comedy is also just average. A couple of songs have been set to foot tapping music and the title song ‘K I N G King Vasthunndu King’ is good.

 The film runs pretty slowly in the first half and the film runs slowly in the second half too but picks up pace before the end. The film ends up as an average entertainer.


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