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STARRING : Ram Charan, Kajal Agarwal, Dev Gill, Sri Hari and others

MUSIC :  M.M Keeravani
DIRECTOR : S.S.Rajamouli

RELEASE DATE : July 31st, 2009

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The film Magadheera raised a lot of expectations as it is the second film of Ram charan. The film directed by Rajamouli and the lavish settings and chase and fight scenes coupled with some good music has also raised the bar considerably. The film however has not completely reached the expectations of the audience.
Kalabhairava (Ram Charan) is a warrior who loves the princes Kajal Agarwal. Raghuveera (Dev Gill) a cousin of the princess eyes Kajal Agarwal but she is in love with Kalabhairava. Raghuveera plans to marry the princes but in a game to outwit Kalabharava he loses and is sent away from the kingdom. Raghuveer then joins hands with Sher Khan (Sri Hari) a mighty emperor who is out to expand his empire and is planning to attack the kingdom of Kajal.
The princess’ father Sarath Babu pleads with Kalabhairava to sacrifice his love for his daughter and he promptly agrees. Raghuveer who is seething with rage and the humiliation of losing at he hands of Kalabhairava, joins hands with Sher Khan and kills the princess. Kalabhairava is also killed after he jumps off a cliff in order to save the princess. Raghuvver is also killed by Kalabhairava before he jumps off the cliff.
All the four – Kalabhairava, the princes, Raghuveer and Sher Khan are reborn after 400 years. Raghuveer first learns about his past and he wants to marry Indu (Kajal) who was a princess in her previous birth. Kalabhairava is reborn as Harsha. Sher Khan is reborn as Soloman a fisherman. Harsh meets Indu and he also learns about his past after meeting Raghuveer.
It is now a clash once again between Raghuveer and Harsha to win over the hand of Indu. How Harsha goes abut the task is the basis for the remaining part of the film.
Ram Charan carries he film on his shoulders. He is good in the dance scenes and horse riding scenes. He also shows ease in the fight scenes and has done some stunning and daredevil stunts without the help of a dupe.
Kajal Agarwal is okay and she looks good in her role as a princess than in her present day avatar.
Sri Hari impresses in his role as Sher Khan. His role is however very brief, both as Sher Khan and Soloman.
The villain played by Dev Gill is a bit weak. He tries his best but still does not come across completely as a cruel and wicked villain who will go to any length to get what he wants.
Brahmanadam appears in a cameo while Sunil plays Ram Charan’s friend in a brief appearance. Rao Ramesh as Aghora and Sarath Babu as the King are impressive.
Music is good and the period costumes and settings are magnificent. The graphics work is impressive.
The best scene is the one where Ram Charan fights with the soldiers of she Khan killing 100 ferocious soldiers at one go. Ram Charan’s horse riding is god and his jumping on the horse and the helicopter are really impressive.
The remix song Bangaru kodipetta … is the best among all the songs. Ram Charan matches his dad Chiranjeevi step for step and the song also showcases the dancing skills of Ram Charan.
Finally Magadhera is all about horse chases, period settings, sword fights and lavish settings. The story and the villain are the weak parts of the film which is otherwise a visual treat.

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