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STARRING : Pawan Kalyan, Trisha. Paresh Rawal, Sonu Sood and others

MUSIC :  Mani Sharma
DIRECTOR : Jayanth C Paranji

RELEASE DATE : April 14th, 2011

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Power star Pawan Kalyan comes up with a youthful love story Teen Maar. Pawan fans were completely disappointed with Puli and are therefore eager to see a hit from their hero. Let us see how far Pawan Kalayan and Jayant have succeeded in reaching the expectations of the fans.


Pawan Kalyan plays a dual role in the film. He plays Arjun Palvai and Michael Velayudham. Michael (Pawan Kalyan) is a Casanova. He lives in Cape Town. He chases skirts all the time and he is happy having affairs day in and day out. For him relationships are strict NO-NO. He does not believe in marriage but only believes in affairs that come with no strings attached.

Michael has an ambition in life. He wants to be an investment banker in Wall St. So, till the time he gets the dream job he manages his life as a Italian chef. Michael meets Meera (Trisha). The two are attracted to one another and they start an affair that turns into a live-in-relationship.

After some time the inevitable happens. Michael is no longer interested in Meera. At this time, Meera too leaves for India to pursue her passion – restoring old and dilapidated temples.

The moment Meera leaves Michael finds another girl – Dona. Meera, on the other hand, is wooed by a politician Sunil (Sonu Sood). Michael and Meera continue to keep in touch and keep one another updated about their lives.

Paresh Rawal an hotelier and well-wisher of Michael, starts telling him about one Arjun Palvai and his true love. Palvai’s story is set some 30 years ago in Kasi. He sees a girl Krithi and falls deeply in love with her. He never talks to her but is determined to marry her.

Paresh tells Michael what true love is with the story of Palvai. The influence of Palvai starts sinking into Michael. He goes to India to woo Meera back but she is now ready to marry Sunil. In fact, she marries Sunil in the presence of Michael. A dejected Michael tries to hide his disappointment and start life afresh. He gets his dream job in Wall Street.

Meera wants to leave Sunil and get back to Michael just the moment after she is married. What happens next? Will Meera leave Sunil and go back to Michael? Will Michael ever learn the true meaning and value of love and marriage? Answers to this can be found on the silver screen.


Pawan Kalyan plays a dual role in the film. This is a double dhamaka for all his fans. Pawan’s role as Michael is lengthy in comparison to Palvai.

Pawan rocks with his body language, mannerism and one-liners. He also manages to shake his legs in a couple of songs. Palvai on the other hand is a rather straightforward and subdued personality.

So no prizes for guessing as to which of his role is most enjoyed by his fans.

Trisha is ravishing. She does a neat job and she looks hot in her western outfits. She does full justice to her role and complements Pawan beautifully.

Sonu Sood has a guest role and so does Paresh Rawal. Ali appears briefly as a cab driver and he manages to raise some laughter. Krithi plays the love interest of Palvai and she is convincing in her 30-year-old period role. Dona is okay.


Teen Maar is all about love, life and relationship and marriage. Director Paranje manages to weave an interesting script. However, the story told in the flashback style drags a bit and affects the flow of the film.

The songs are okay. The dialogues by Trivikram are average with just three or four one-liners that are good. Still, there is hardly any one dialogue that one would remember after coming out of the cinema hall.

Among the songs – “Aale Bale…” is catchy. The one crore set for the song Jagamelu Shivashankara is not that grand.

The music is okay and the production values good. The cinematography is excellent. The film moves a bit slowly every now and then and the editing should have taken care of this.

The much talked about lip-lock seen of Pawan Klyan and Trisha is there all right. in fact, Pawan kisses Trisha on her lips not once but twice, much to the delight of his fans.


Teen Maar is a average film that can be termed above average due to the high production values and direction. The drawback of the film is that the entertainment values are very less. The film gets a bit serious at time with discussion about affairs, meaning of love, value of the institution of marriage etc.

The film does not offer much to the children. While Teen Maar may have got an ‘U’ certificate from the censor it is in fact an ‘A’ film.

Fans will however be happy as Teen Maar is not a disaster like Puli but an okay film and that is more than enough for his fans and admirers.

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