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STARRING : Lawrence,Laxmi Rai

MUSIC :  S S Thaman
DIRECTOR : Lawrence

RELEASE DATE : July 15th 2011

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Lawrence is known for mass caress to all his films, both in direction and dance composition. This time he came up with sequel to 2007 release Muni with name of Kanchana. Movie is about ghost spirit of Kanchana entering into Lawrence to take revenge. Let us see how far Lawrence came back with this movie?


Raghava (Lawrence) is the only son of old mother (Kovai Sarala). He plays cricket betting and winning on opposite teams. Raghava is feared of darkness, ghosts and devil stories. He takes help of mother to go for bathroom after 6PM. Children of Raghava's brother (Sriman) makes fun of his timid character. Raghava's sister-in-law (Lakshmi Rai) comes to their home and she falls in love with him.

One day Ragahava and friends go to a new ground to play cricket. As they dig cricket stumps into the ground, these wickets pierce into a buried dead body inside the earth. Ragahva and friends run away with scare. The blood stains marked on three wickets will bring the ghost spirits to Raghava's home. Total family is feared with weeping sounds and shadows moving in mid night.

A temple priest will give them a solution by providing them three tests to find whether there is any ghost existing in their house or not. All three tests prove successful and evil spirit enters into the body of Raghava who starts to behave like a woman wearing saris, bangles and keeping turmeric on body while bathing.

Raghava's mother runs to Muslim peer sahib in Dargah for help. Using tantric powers, Peer Sahib pulls the devil out from Ragahava body. Name of this devil is Kanchana which tells its story.

Kanchana (Sarath Kumar) is a Hizra faced many insults at home for transgender sexuality. Taking shelter in the house of a Muslim Baba, she adopts one more orphan Hizra and makes her into a doctor.

Kanchana wants to build a hospital for poor people and buys land. This land is illegally occupied by villain MLA (Devan) and his family members. They also kill Kanchana, Baba and his son for intervening in middle for this land. All three dead bodies are buried in this same land where Raghava has dug the cricket stumps.

Kanchana wants to take revenge on MLA using the body of Raghava. But Muslim Peer Sahib seals this spirit into a bottle and throws it into sea. After listening the story of Kanchana, hero Raghava feels pity of her and removes "Tayattu" tied on his hand welcoming Kanchana to get into his body. Now Raghava becomes Kanchana and kills MLA with the help of god Lakshmi Narasimha. Later on Raghava feels responsible constructing a hospital in the same piece of land naming it as Kanchana Hospital.


Lawrence performed superbly in role of Kanchana. He showed routine dances and fights in the character of Raghava. His make up was horrifying and convincing as Kanchana.

Heroine Lakshmi Rai is limited to dances in the songs.

Sarath Kumar is powerful and sympathy generating over Hizras.

Kovai Sarala annoyed with irritating loud voice and cheap comedy. Sriman is good, comical. Devan is local villain MLA.


Kanchana is a film to be liked by front benchers. There is good commercial formula tested with Muni. Now sequel will also benefit producer and distributors. Nevertheless horror films have less success rate. Lawrence molded this film into a pack of interesting thrilling episodes and comedy with message on Hizras. Music by SS Thaman is hair raising n noisy.

Dialogues are average. Songs are not good. Dances from Lawrence are old styled. Bellamkonda Suresh invested fewer amounts on production.


Raghava Lawrence succeeded in coming up with a horror film that has plenty of fear generating scenes. Logic in Kanchana is same as Muni. So result may also be same, a hit film in lower class centers and average in metros. Particular set of audience who enjoyed Muni will also like Kanchana.

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