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STARRING : Allari Naresh, Sneha Ullal, Jayaparakash Reddy

MUSIC :  Vasanth
DIRECTOR : Seeta Rama Raju

RELEASE DATE : 30 September 30, 2011

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Allari Naresh is a bankabale star who ensures minimum success at the box office. He has now come up with Madatha Kaja. Has he managed to live up to the expectations of the audiences? Let us see.

The story of Madatha Kaja is similar to most of Allari Naresh's films. Characters changing roles and tricking the opponents has been seen in many a film before. It is similar in this fim too.
Kalyan (Allari Naresh) stays in Visakhapatnam. He works as a police informer. He is under the care of CI Saikumar (Dharmavarapu). Kalyan is sent to Hyderabad to keep a tab on toe gangsters KP (Ahuthi Prasad) and JP (Jayaparakash Reddy). The two are bitter rivals but work for the same don – Nanda (Ashish Vidyarthi). Nanda conducts his operations from abroad.
The rivalry of JP and KP results in losses for Nanda so he hatches a plan to bring them together. He orders that KP's daughter Swapna (Sneha Ullal) should marry JP's son Ajay (Subbaraju).
The problem is Kalyan is already in love with Swapna. So Kalyan drugs Ajay and keeps him hostage and goes to KP's house acting as JP's son Ajay. The rest of the story is how Kalyan succeeds in his mission?
Allari Naresh is seen in a role that he has made a name for himself. He does his job with ease. He raises laughter now and then but on the whole his performance is average.
Sneha Ullal is sexy and sensual. She fills the glamour part but is not good in the acting department. Jayaprakash Reddy raises some laughter with his comedy and Ali too adds his bit. Ahuthi, Dharmavarapu, Ashsih Vidyarthi, Chalapathi Rao and other are okay. The music is apt and the other technical aspects are okay. 
Allari Naresh comes up with another routine film. The director has not done his homework properly and as a result the film does not come out as well as other comedy films of Naresh. The story is predictable and the comedy routine. If you are expecting side splitting laughter then you would surely be disappointed.
Madatha Kaja is a routine flick that one has seen many a time before in previous Allari Naresh movies. The film offers nothing new and hence ends up as just a time pass flick that you can watch only if you have nothing better to do.

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