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STARRING : Gopichand, Rajendra Prasad, Tapsee, Roja, Naresh and others

MUSIC :  Babu Shankar
DIRECTOR : Krishna Vamsi

RELEASE DATE : November 4th, 2011

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Krishna Vamsi is known for making films with a strong emotional and family base. His Chandamama is still fresh in everyone's mind. He has now come up with Mogudu. Let us see if the film has managed to live up to the expectations.


Ramprasad (Gopichand ) is the only son of Rajendra Prasad. He has three sisters and all of them are married. They all live happily under one roof. The joint family now has only one thing missing. Everyone in the house wants Ramprasad to get married and complete the family picture.

Ramprasad too wants to get married but is worried if and whether his wife will be able to adjust in the joint family. So he keeps on postponing his marriage. Finally he has to relent under pressure from his father and sisters. He starts meeting girls and none of them impress him. One of the girl Sraddha Das does impress Ram with her free and frank attitude. She however has her own set of priorities. She wants Ram to wait for 5 years as she needs the time pursue other dream of become a top model.

Ramprasad meets Raja Rajeswari (Tapsee) one day and for him it is love at first sight. Rajeswari too falls in love with Ram and the two decides to get married if their parents agree to the alliance. Rajeswari's mother is a powerful politician and her husband in Naresh. The alliance is easily finalized as Rajendra Prasad and Naresh are childhood friends who meet after a long time. The marriage takes place and when the bride is being sent to her in-law's place misunderstanding crops up. This turns ugly and the two families apart with Ram and Rajeshwari too deciding to separate. They both apply for mutual divorce due to pressure from their parents.

Ram decides to go away from his house for a few days to try and get over the nightmare. Rajeswari too decides to go abroad for some days so that she can overcome her grief. At the airport Ram meets Sraddha das. She too is headed to the same place Mauritius. Rajeswari too is headed to Mauritius. There it is a three way tug of war with a jealous Rajeswari trying to put spoke in the wheels of the friendship between Sraddha Das and her husband. Sraddha Das is on the other hand happy to know that Ram is now divorced. She now wants to marry Ram. What happens' next. Will Ram marry Sraddha Das or will he reunite with Rajeswari and If so, how? The rest of the story deals with the issue of how the differences between the two families are finally reconciled.


Gopichand for a change plays a soft character that is far removed from his full action hero image. He does a good job. Tapsee Pannu is impressive. She is good both in the traditional as well as exposing scenes. She has also dubbed for her character. Sraddha Das for the first time shows that she can act as well as she can expose. She now is sure to bag a few more films after this.

Rajendra Prasad is the strength and the main pillar of the movie. He comes up trumps. Roja is impressive as a politician. Naresh is good. Ahuthi Prasad appears in a brief role. The rest of the star cast add their bit to the movie.


Krishna Vamsi has a penchant for making films that touch the emotional chords and remind people of the good old days. Mogudu is also about on such thing. The theme of joint family system is shown in a effective manner. The film also shows how a husband should be always there by the side of his wife - through thick and thin.

The cinematography is good and the music and background score is apt. Couple of songs including the title song have been picturized well. The scenes between Gopichand, Tapsee and Sraddha Das in Mauritius are lively and humorous.


The theme is good and there are some good messages in the film. However Krishna Vamsi has taken the 'fight' between the two families a bit too far. It is overly exaggerated - members of the two families fighting it out like street rowdies over and over gain. The film starts to drag once the hero and the heroine come back from Mauritius. The film then ends on a tame and predictable note with a big sermon from the hero. The film has nothing in it going for the young audiences. It is now in the hands of family audiences to decide the fate of the film at the box office.

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