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STARRING : Siddharth, Hansika, Shruthi, Navdeep and others

MUSIC :  Raj Kiran
DIRECTOR : Venu Sriram

RELEASE DATE : 11-11-11

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Hero Siddharth has been struggling to score a hit for quite some time now. His films Oye and 180, both youthful entertainers failed to click at the box office. This time Siddhu comes up with yet another youthful entertainer ‘Oh My friend’. Let us see how the new film has turned out to be.
Chandu (Siddharth) and Siri (Sruthi Haasan) are childhood friends. They are now in teens but continue their friendship with the same intensity and sincerity. Siri wants to be a classical dancer while Chandu wants to be a musician. Chandu’s father Tanikella Bharani, like all middle class parents wants his son to study well and get a good paying job. It is Siri who understands Chandu’s passion and encourages him.

One day Chandu and Siri meet Ritu (Hansika Motwani). She is their old classmate from Sri Chaitanya College. For Chandu it is now love at first sight. He is madly in love with Ritu and Siri goes all out to help him in his attempts to woo Ritu.

At the same time Siri is in love with Uday (Navdeep) and they are now all set to get engaged. Uday starst suspecting the friendship of Siri and Chandu s they seem to be moving a bit too closely for comfort. Chandu get a chance to audition for a lead guitarist in Kerala. All the four leave for Kerala. Chandu wins gh completion and gets 10 lakhs as prize money. Everyone is happy. However Uday is jealous and even suspicious of the friendship between Siri and Chandu. Same is the case with Ritu. She too thinks that Chandu is giving more importance to Siri than her.

There is a show down and it is now time for the parents to intervene. The parents of Chandu and Siri want the two to turn their friendship into marriage. However for Siri and chandu their friendship is just friendship and it is not ‘love’ as one that happens between a boy and girl.

How will they resolve the problem? Will Siri and Chandu marry? What happens to Uday and Ritu?  To know this you have to go and watch the film.
Siddharth is apt in the role of a aspiring musician and a friend and a confused son. He shows great ease in acting and this film once again shows how talented he is.

Sruthi Haasan gives good support to Siddhu in the role of a friend. Her dubbing however is not that perfect. There is still a long way to go for her to establish herself as an actress.

Hansika Motwani has put on a lot of weight. She looks good and her role is quite easy for her and she does a neat job.

Navdeep is good. He does justice to his role as a jealous fiancé.

Tanikella Bharani is apt in eh role of a concerned father of a teenaged son.

Ali appears briefly and manages to raise some laughter. The rest are okay.
Oh My friend is a feel good film that will appeal to the youngsters. The target audience too is today’s young generation. The film has a message too – that there is a thin line differentiating friendship and love and that a boy and girl can be best friends for life and just that ‘best friends’.

The film starts on a low note ant there is noting much happening till te interval bang. The film gets interesting once the four lead actors go to Kerala. The director manages to make a good job from a simple but meaningful storyline.

The songs have become a hit. The songs ‘Sri Chaitanya Junior college lo…’ and ‘My Dad’s pockets are plenty…’ have been filmed well. The production values are decent and the technical departments have done a neat job.
Oh My Friend is a simple but neat film. The target audience is the urban youth and it will surely appeal to them. The film on the whole is okay. The good thing is that there is no violence and double meaning dialogues and cheap comedy.  The film makes for a decent one time watch.  

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