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STARRING : Balakrishna,Nayana Tara, ANR, Srikanth

MUSIC :  Ilayaraja

RELEASE DATE : November 17th, 2011

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Very Good

Balakrishna's new film Sri Rama Rajyam raised a lot of expectations. Everyone wanted to see how Balakrishna fared in the role of lord Rama that was made famous by his legendary father the late NT Rama Rao.


The story of Ramayna is well known to everyone and so there is no need to repeat it here. Still it s of interest as to hat exactly is the content of Sri Rama Rajyam. The film begins with Rama and Sita returning to Ayodhya after Ravana samharam. The coronation takes place and Rama is now king of Ayodhya. Now everything in Ayodhya is okay and the people are happy and content. However Rama has to part with Sita after a washer man casts some aspersions over the chastity of Sita. Lakshmana on orders from Rama takes sit to a forest and leaves her there. She is then taken care of by sage Valmiki. She gives birth to Lava Kususlu. The rest of the story is how they finally meet and reunite with their father lord Rama.


Balakrihna looks every bit the valiant and kind lord Rama. His get up, costume and his dialogue delivery with perfect expressions shows that he is on actor in Tollywood today who can do full justice to roles like Rama and Krishna.

Nayanata is just brilliant. She is perfect in the role of demure Sita. Sri Rama Rajyam is undoubtedly her best film in her career.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao has a very lengthy roe as sage Valmiki and he has done full justice to the role.

Srikanth is good as Lakshmana.

KR Vijaya, Roja, Murali Mohan and the two kids who played the roles of Lava and Kusa have also done a good job.


In this age when the trend is all about love stories and films with big fights and masala elements, it is a welcome relief to see a film like Sri Rama Rajyam being made. The producer must be complimented for this. The film has rich visual content, good music, sets that are appropriate, graphics and other aspects. The film showcases our rich traditions in an impressive manner.


Sri Rama Rajyam is basically the story of the twins Lava and Kusa but the story has been told beautifully and in an engaging and entertaining manner. This is one film that has so many positive things that it makes for a compulsory watch for all sections of the audience. Go and watch the film at the first available opportunity.

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