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STARRING : Nagarjuna, Baby Annie, Swetha Menon, Sneha and others

MUSIC :  M.M Keeravani
DIRECTOR : Vijayendra Prasad

RELEASE DATE : December 22nd, 2011

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The much awaited film Rajanna has finally hit the screens. The film is produced by Nagarjuna and it is about a valiant freedom fighter from Telangana. Let us see how the film has turned out to be.

Story: The story is set in the 1950's. It is about the fight of the poor people in Telangana against the cruel Razakars who were the private army of the Nizam. The Razakars used to torment the people and the village heads too used to make the people suffer in many ways.

Rajanna (Nagarjuna) fights for the country's freedom but his fight is not yet over even after India acquired Independence as the Hyderabad state is still under Nizam rule. Rajanna inspires the people to fight the oppressive Razakars and get freedom for the village. He inspires people thorough his songs. Rajanna dies before he can get freedom for his village.

Rajanna has a small daughter Mallamma (Baby Annie). She is rescued by Nazar a music teacher. He brings her up and teaches her music. Mallamma grows up without knowing that she is the daughter of Rajanna.

The village dorasani (Swetha Menon) tries to kill Mallamma but does not succeed. Mallamma goes to Delhi to meet prime minster Nehru to request him to see that her village is set free from the tyranny of Nizam and his private army. Even before Mallamma can meet Nehru the goons sent by Dorasani abduct Mallamma and her music teacher and lock them up. At this point the music teacher tells Mallamma all about her father Rajanna and his brave fight for freedom. What happens next is the story that unveils on the silver screen.


While the film has Nagarjuna in a pivotal role it is baby Annie who steals the show. She hogs a lot of screen space and does an excellent job. She is truly brilliant and does full justice to the role. Nagarjuna appears only for a short duration. He does a good job and his song and speech in Telangana dialect are impressive.

Swetha Menon as Dorasani is apt for her role. Nazar is good. The rest of the star cast from Pradeep Rawat, Supreet, Sravan, Gandhi and others do justice to their roles.


Rajanna is a beautiful film with a good story and racy screenplay. Director Vijayendra Prasad has come up with a good story and he also brings it beautifully on screen. The music is a big asset for the film. Keeravani does a wonderful job and the music adds a lot to the overall impact of the film.

Rajamouli has canned the action scenes in a fantastic way. His stamp is clearly visible in the action episodes. The cinematography is excellent and the period sets too are very realistic and awesome. In short everything about Rajanna works right and makes the film a wonderful experience.

Actor's Cut
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