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STARRING : Vikram, K Viswanath, Deeksha Seth, Sana

MUSIC :  Yuvan Shankar Raja
DIRECTOR : Susinthran

RELEASE DATE : December 30th, 2011

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Below Average

A new film by hero Vikram always heightens the expectations of his fans. Vikram is known for his novel and high voltage action films. Let us see what Vikram has come up with in his new film 'Veedinthe'.


The story is all about a happy go lucky boy Fire Sankar (Vikram). He is a gym boy and he works as a junior artist in films - playing mostly the role of a one of the gang members of the villain. Vikram comes across an old man Dakshinamurty (K Viswanath). He has a problem. His son is after his property as he wants to gift it to a powerful lady politician 'Akka' the president of the Pagati Chukka Party. In return he expects Akka to give her a party ticket to contest as MLA.

However Dakshinamurty is not ready to give way the 25 acres land to his son as he and his wife have built a beautiful orphanage that give shelter to thousands of children. Dakshnamurty's son and the goons of Akka, along with a powerful land mafia don Mustafa (Pradeep Rawat) are after him but he is rescued by Sankar and kept in his house. Sankar also falls in love with Deeksha Seth. He is helped in his wooing her by Dakshinamurty.

Dakshnamurty's son acts as if he has realized his mistake and also makes his father believe that Vikram is actually after his property. The orphanage finally gets into the hand of Akka. The rest of the story is how Sankar takes on Akka and ensures that the orphanage is back in the hands of Dakshinamurthy.


The film is Vikram show all the way. He is as usual. He also enthralls his fans in as many as 17 different get ups. K Viswanath shows his caliber. He is very good in the first half, particularly when he helps Vikram in wooing his love Deeksha Seth.

Deeksha Seth has very little to do and she is okay. Sana gets to play a big role as a powerful lady politician. She does a good job. Pradeep Rawat is okay as villain.


Veedinthe is a simple story of a young man who aspires to become a big villain in films. He is a kindhearted guy. The story is too simple and the screenplay is too dull to enable Vikram to come up with something special. The film is entertaining in the first half and builds up some momentum. However the second half is slow and the film drags on and on before reaching a predictable ending.


The fans of Vikram go to the film with high expectations. While Vikram does not disappoint, it is the story and screenplay that play spoilsport. The direction is also weak. The end result of the film is same and predictable. Veedinthe is an average film and definitely not among the best from Vikram.

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