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STARRING : Ram Charan Tej, Tamanna, Ajmal Ameer, Mukesh Rishi, Dev Gill, Nazar, Brahmanandam, Parthiepan

MUSIC :  Manisharma
DIRECTOR : Sampath Nandi

RELEASE DATE : April 5 2012

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Racha Cast and Crew:
Cast : Ram Charan Tej, Tamanna, Ajmal Ameer, Mukesh Rishi, Dev Gill, Nazar, Brahmanandam, Parthiepan, Venumadhav etc
Cinematography : Sameer Reddy
Dialogues : Paruchuri Brothers
Music : Mani Sharma
Producers : N.V.Prasad, R.B.Choudary, Paras Jain
Banner : Megaa Supergood Movies
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Sampath Nandi
Release Date : 05 April 2012

Some time back, Cherry and Ammu were son and daughter of village leaders Parthiepan and Nasser respectively. When Nazar tries to write his 3000 acres of land to poor villagers, Mukesh Rushi kills them with most of the other villagers and makes the others believe they dies in an accidental transformer blast.

Coming to present, Betting Raj (Charan) is a basti boy who is aimless. He is orphan and adopted by Ms. Narayana & Vijaya when he was 13 in a train station. Tamanna is daughter of rich goon, Mukesh Rushi. Raj bets with a guy James (Ajmal, Rangam fame) to flatter Tamanna and to make her accept Raj's love. When Raj tries to do so, Tamanna gives her three challenges. Raj succeeds in those and Tamanna falls in love in this process. Both of them leave to forest when her father tries to attack them. Interval bang reveals that Tamanna is not Mukesh's daughter but she is none other than Ammu and Raj is Cherry. Mukesh takes care of Ammu for her property, which can be forcibly written to him after she becomes major. It is also revealed that James is son of Paruchiru Venkateswara Rao lawyer of Mukesh and who is loyal to Cherry's father. Rest of the story deals about how Cherry AKA Raj takes revenge on the villains and rescues Ammu from the villian gang.

Analysis of Film, Cast and Crew:
Movie starts off with a 'Special thanks to Padmabhushan Megastar Chiranjeevi' in one of the title cards. Right from there, Mega Star can be seen in every scene. Charan tried to imitate his father in many scenes. Moreover some scenes of Chiru's films were repeated in this flick.

Sampath Nandi concentrated on the mass and commercial elements but overlooked the much needed story, which is the most important one for any film. Also, the screenplay is also not that gripping. Sampath Nandi tried to impress Mega fans most of the times and he is successful in that. But for any movie to become big success, this alone cannot play the game.

Racha is mostly the one man show of Charan. He excelled in dances, fights, imitating Chiru's body language to some extent. But he should try to develop his own identity, which will fetch him more identity and following. He should learn this from Pawan Kalyan, who has his individual identity.

Tamanna is very hot and added much needed glamour to the film, till climax scene. Sadly, nothing novel can be expected from the role she has got.

Brahmanandam(Rangeela) is hilarious as Dance master from Chicago, who will be blackmailed by Charan.

 Ajmal Ameer suited well for the role and made use of it to fullest. Mukesh Rishi and Dev Gill are apt. Kota is natural. Venu Madhav, Srinu, Thagubothu Ramesh added much needed fun and side characters who give hype to hero. Ali is funny as Love Guru. Jaya Prakash did his as usual acting. Parthiepan and Nazar did their bit.

Music by Mani Sharma is good but he excelled in his background score, for which he is very famous. Title song and 'Oka Padham' song are catchy. 'Vaana Vanna' remix version song is good, but on-screen it did not match Chiru's magical. Fights and dance choreography is good.

Coming to dialogues, some of the Paruchuri brothers' dialogues were catchy, but they end up concentrating on commercial elements and most of them were written to impress Mega fans and this went to peaks when a couple of dialogues were satirical on Nandamuri camp.

Sameer Reddy's Cinematography is Ok in scenes and appealing in songs. He showed Charan and Tamanna to their best till date. Production values of Megaa Supergood Movies are good enough for a big hero film.

Plus points:
- Ram Charan's one man show
- Some action sequences
- Tamanna glamour
- Comedy in first half
- Mass elements and build-up scenes for Charan (essential for B, C Centres)
- Some dialogues delivered by from Charan

Dialogues Charan to Tamanna:
Aap bahar sey bahuth Acha, Ham tereliye idhar Vacha, Ham dhonom mile tho Racha
Aadmi kam, risk jyadha
Racha ante ento telusa?
Oka sari left turning eskondi.. kanda takkuva cutting ekkuva.

Dialogues Charan to Villian/Goons:

Charitra rayataniki vayasu tho pani ledhu, prajala anda unte chalu
Nee venuka bandobasthu perigina.. Baadkolu perigina... Nenu bayapade rakam kaadu
Mee andhari mundhu mee ammayiki propose cheyataniki vachanu
Reey, nuvvu arusthey arupule, nenu arusthey merupule

Minus points:
- Dragged second half
- Predictable twists in the tale
- Mistimed songs
- Weak story and screenplay

Final point/Verdict:
Racha is a mass commercial flick which appeals only to hard-core mega fans. For others, there is nothing novel or exhilarating in the film, but you can watch it once for Charan and some commercial elements. This film will do well at box-office for two weeks, till which there is no another bug release.

Rating: 2.5/5

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