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STARRING : Ram, Tamannah, Suman, Sayaji Shinde, Rishi, Brahmanandam etc

MUSIC :  G V Prakash
DIRECTOR : Karunakaran

RELEASE DATE : June 6th 2012

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Below Average

Ram (Ram) first sees Sravanthi (Tamannah), perched atop a bridge, staring into the river beneath, in some breathtakingly picturesque location in France. Ram immediately pulls over and rushes to stop her from jumping into the river, or so he thinks. But even before they manage to strike up a conversation his car falls into the river and he gets whisked away by a gang of henchmen, working for his father's friend. Why? Well that's a long story.

Ram is a spoilt 22 year-old son of a rich father, who can't stop courting trouble. His father tricks him and has him deported to work in his friend's vineyard so that he learns to get his act together. Only, Ram finds Sravanthi instead. The two manage escape to Hyderabad where Ram finds Srvanthi lying in the intensive care unit of a government hospital. That's when the love story gets into the metaphysical-romantic-fantasy-comedy plane. Well, the why and how of it will stretch your imagination for sure. It turns out Ram has fallen for Sravanthi's spirit... And she's not even dead, she's only in coma.

So much for the plot! What works for the film though, is the comedy. But that's not such a good sign for a romantic film, is it? Ram's characterization seems to be an extension of Seenu, from Kandireega. Ram carries off the role pretty well and manages infuse a lot of trademark energy into the performance. But then the plot is so convoluted that no amount of acting would be enough to salvage it. Tamannah also matches up to Ram as far as performance goes. It's just that the sparks don't really fly when the two are on-screen together.

The biggest stumbling blocks are the no-existent-romance and the below par music. The filmmaker tried to pack in a little too much into the narrative, which unfolds in a thrill-a-minute-fashion. That proves to be its undoing and ends up looking a little too tacky, the breathtaking visuals not withstanding. Overall, a very underwhelming experience that only comes off in bits and pieces.

Ram had shown tremendous ease in dances and fights, as always. In addition, with the help of director Karunakaran, he was able to showcase good comedy in his role. He improved his body language a lot and bettered in histrionics. All the action scenes were quite stylish. His costumes were good and his look id quite refreshing.

 Tamannah is good in the variations of her character’s sketch.

Shiyaji Shinde  and Suman are good as the lead pair’s parents.

Anu Haasan did a full fledged role in Telugu and performs well. Richard/Rishi is good as the villian.

Kona Venkat did a negative role in the movie but it didn’t gel with his personality.

Bramhi did a cameo role in the movie and brings lots of laughs whenever he appears on screen.

Cinematography by Andrews is on top-notch and stands out. The entire film was captured quite beautifully.
 GV Prakash’s composed songs are not up to the mark but the background score is appealing and elevating. Dialogues are good, Editing isn’t crisp and could be trimmed more.

Screenplay is weak and Karunakaran failed miserably with narration. Sravanthi Movies production values are rich.

The story is quite complex and Karunakaran had failed to execute it properly. The movie lacks entertainment which makes the audience restless many a times. He failed to understand what audience expect from a Ram movie and made a mess. He could have got a minimum guarantee movie if he had utlizied Ram’s enrgy. Unfortunately, that did not happen. This movie is mainly aimed at A class audience who also does n’t seem to get convinced with it. The Box office potential of the movie is in serious doubt.


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