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STARRING : Nani, Samantha, Sudeep

MUSIC :  MM Keeravani
DIRECTOR : S S Rajamouli

RELEASE DATE : July 6th, 2012

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Eega has been in news ever since director SS Rajamouli had announced it. This live action graphical film, which stars Sudeep, Naani and Samantha in the lead roles, is one of the most awaited South Indian films of 2012. It has been dubbed as Naan Ee in Tamil and Eecha in Malayalam. The movie is an experimental film with mainstream emotions and financial viability. Let's see how this film is..


Sudeep (Sudeep) is a multi millionaire businessman who always likes to travel on the wrong routes which is simple and tricky. Big business deal and women are his weakness; he is one man who wants to achieve everything he has wished for and he goes to any extend, sometimes by killing his own wife and friend for business deals. He sets his eyes on Bindhu (Samantha), a miniature sculpture artist and social worker. Bindhu is secretly in love with Nani (Nani), who is mad about her. Like many women, Bindhu hides her love and pretends to ignore Nani. When Sudeep finds out Bindhu's love for Nani, he goes mad and decides to finish him (Nani) off. Nani is murdered and Bindhu is heart-broken. He is then reborn as 'Ee' (housefly) who remembers the incidents that took place in his last birth. How will Ee takes his revenge on the villain forms the rest of the story and how Eega saves Samantha needs to be seen on big screen!


-->Blank message ante blank cheque antha powerful .. akkada entha amount kavalante antha veskovachu ikkada emaina oohinchukovachu
-->Eegalu manushulani gurthupettukuni, plan chesi, attack chesthaya..
-->Oka Eega nannu champataniki try chestundhi
-->Oka Eega nannu tinanivvatam ledhu, nidraponivvatam ledhu, prashantham ga undanivvatam ledhu
-->Arey Nani ga, Dhammunte naa eduruga rara
-->Eega.. Eega.. Eega.. neeku Eega pichi, Oka bodi Eegaku bayapadutunnava?
-->Entra bodi Eega?


Nani doesn't have much scope of acting this film, but he made his mark in the love-making scenes.The on screen pairing of Samantha(Bindhu) and Nani is fresh and sizzling! Though Nani appears only in the first half, he impresses us with his perfect comedy timing and one liners. After a power packed performance in Asta cheemma , Nani makes another powerful statement with Eega.

 Samantha is pretty and fits the bill perfectly. This is the first time that Samantha is doing a movie where the focus is more on her rather than the hero! Ways to go Samantha!

Sudeep, one of the top actors in Kannada cinema. He is also well established as a director but he had no qualms in accepting the role of a villain. This is definitely one film which can be written down in his diary as once-in-a-lifetime special role. Such an intense role, he has performed it with ease and perfection. His expressions, Kannda-influenced-Tamil and body language is definitely a treat to watch. Crazy Mohan's hilarious dialogues (he also makes a special appearance in the film).

Others did their bit and This film doesn't have huge casting.

Technical aspects:

Three cheers for Rajamouli for choosing the right technical team. Rajamouli's involvement in making this film right from the scratch can be seen on-screen. In spite of wafer-thin story line, he manages to keep the audience involved with his directional excellence in key scenes, good screenplay and comical narration at times.

Senthil's cinematography is superb; a couple of songs are shot very well. Graphics in key scenes are outstanding for a telugu film. Music by Keeravani is good in parts. Production values are up to the mark.

Kotagiri Venkateswara RaoEditing is Okay.


1st half:
-->Titles roll with a Father-Daughter conversation in background. This creates much needed interest among audience.
-->Main characters Sudeep, Samantha and Nani are introduced. This was done in a regular fashion.
-->Samantha goes to Sudeep's construction company to ask for donation as part of project work and Sudeep falls in love with her. These scenes are as expected.
-->On the other hand Nani tries hard to flat Samantha with many ways. These scenes where Nani is wooing samantha have come out very well.
-->First Song 'Konchemu Konchemu.. Pisinari nari ve' starts. Picturization is superb with lights.
-->Love Clash between Nani, Sudeep. Sudeep kills Nani and he is reborn as Eega. The rebirth scenes are good and as expected.
-->Back ground music by MM keervani is not so appealing and weird sounds are used for Eega.
-->Eega's revenge on Sudeep starts and starts irritating with its behavior. Some scenes are funny and will be loved more by children.
-->More VFX is used . Things get into serious . Sudeep consider Eega has something to do with nani.
-->As movie progresses, the story is getting gripping. Eega plans and executes an accident on sudeep. Superb taking and this scene is shot extremely well and stands-out till now.
-->Interval now. First half is all about establishing the story, characters and introduction of Eega. Just like every rajamouli film, interval episode is good and elevated Eega as a hero.

2nd Half:
-->Eega trying very hard to say samantha that he is Nani who was killed badly by Sudeep, but Samantha neglects. Finally Eega conveys Samantha that its none other than Nani by writing on Glass with its tears! This is unexpected.
-->Finally Samantha comes to know that eega is nani. Few scenes are over emotional and bit awkward seeing Eega crying.
-->Eega conveys Samantha on what has happened and how Sudeep killed Nani. Eega does entire conversation with signs.
-->Now Song 'Eega Eega Eega.. Teri Jaan lega' and this goes with the story. Samantha joins Eega in torturing Sudeep. Few scenes are funny and few are okay.
-->Thagubotu Ramesh enters now. His comedy is hilarious. Though tried in the first half it didn't worked, its good in second half.
-->Movie is moving at snail's pace. Unwanted scenes and unique but not so catchy back ground music doesn't elevate the scenes.
-->Graphics in some scenes of the film are very weak. Some scenes in the film are entertaining only for children.
-->Climax is good.


In deed a visual treat for film buffs! It is interesting to see the usage of special effects in the right way without any over dose. How can a housefly take revenge? Well, you will have to watch Eega to get the answer! It’s a never-seen-before in Indian cinema where an insect behaves in such a realistic fashion, This is one film which will definitely take Indian cinema (especially Tollywood) to greater heights.The man behind the technology component is Pete Draper, Co-Founder of Makuta Effects, with about 20 years of experience in this space and has worked in films like Magadheera, Ghajini,etc..

-->Eega character and its evolution by Rajamouli
-->Scene in which Eega makes Sudeep meet an accident
-->Sudeep's performance
-->Thagubothu Ramesh comedy in 2nd half
-->Short duration of the film


-->Wafer-thin story line
-->Limited role and scope of acting for Nani and in first half, for Samantha
-->Though Graphics are excellent in key scenes, those in others scenes can be better
-->Background music in some scenes, especially some weird sounds used for Eega might not appeal for some


First of all hats-off for handling this film right from scratch, without any big Tollywood star casted. He ensured audience involvement in key scenes. Story-wise average content in first half and some slow pace narration in second half pull down this film from an Excellent Hit film to an Above Average film. Watch it once without much expectations and you would definitely enjoy. With massive publicity and Rajamouli's brand, this film will fetch a commercial success.

Rating: 3.5/5 - Above Average


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